Let me explain. I had full intentions of posting this weeks deals and getting back on track. I even have many "half" finished drafts that are still half-finished! ugh.... then some SOB invaded our house!


stomach bug to be exact

and it ain't pretty!

So it goes without saying what has kept me from posting this week, and for that I'm truly sorry. My poor babies have been so sick all and as of right now, they aren't much better. =(

Anyway, I'm sorry there were no deals for you to check out this week. I'll try to get Wal-Mart up tonight or tomorrow for you if nothing else. They aren't a "weekly" store, so their deals are normally good for quite some time. =) Hopefully you all will have a wonderful holiday weekend and check back sunday/monday for NEXT weeks deals FOR SURE!!

(P.S. This weekends paper will not have any coupon inserts because it's Memorial Day)

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